“Dekaraki” is the spirit of the senses. Every time you open a bottle the aroma of the muscat grapes sweeps you off your feet, while its crystal clear texture  prepares you for the flavor feast that is about to follow. Its exquisite taste surprises pleasantly even the most “educated” palates. These unique features of Dekaraki stem from its single variety character. It is distilled from grape marc  that comes exclusively from the exceptional muscat grape variety. A variety with a distinct aroma and undeniable superior quality that has been cultivated for centuries in the area of Tirnavos.

“Dekaraki” through the eyes of a tsipouro sommelier:

APPEARANCE: Clear, crisp, colorless with dense tears that drop back at a medium speed.
BOUQUET: Clear, intense, without aging effect, aromas that remind us of fig, raisin, walnut and rose.
TASTE: Dry, with warm alcohol, full bodied. Reminiscent of fig, raisin, walnut, pear, bergamot orange, rose, and clove. A balanced, complex wine spirit with a lingering aftertaste.