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Sparkling since 1856

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Adam Henkell (1801 – 1866) founded a wine merchant in Mainz in 1832 and laid the foundations for today’s company Henkell & Co. His grandson Otto Henkell (1869 – 1929) achieved a breakthrough on the national and international market with the creation of the brand product Henkell Trocken at the end of the 19th Century. Apart from the premium sparkling wine Adam Henkell and Adam Henkell Rosé, which carry the name of the company’s founder, the Henkell & Co. range contains Henkell Trocken, Henkell Rosé and Henkell Kardinal as well as Henkell Brut, Henkell Blanc de Blancs, Henkell Halbtrocken and Henkell Dosage Zéro.

Henkell Trocken Dry Sec Sparkling Wine sparkles with vivacious and long lasting effervescence. Thanks to the play of greenish reflections, the delicate light amber colour gains lively, expressive nuancing. The taste is fresh, tingling, with a lingering finish, while a subtle fragrance suggestive of tropical fruit develops in the bouquet.

This dry, fully matured sparkling wine owes its elegant character to a unique Cuvee of excellent wines originating from such classic grape varieties as French Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Blanc de Noir from French Pinot Noir and Chenin from Saumur. The finely blended, harmonious composition makes Henkell Trocken a well-balanced, consummate taste experience.

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For decades now this timeless classic has been Germany’s best known sparkling wine brand and enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. High quality standards and a consistent brand/price policy together with intensive advertising support within the sparkling wine market have justified and consolidated this special position. Henkell Trocken combines sparkling wine competence, elegance, class, unconventiality, activity and dynamics like no other in an independent and inimitable way, making it the ideal sparkling wine for casual but stylish celebrations. Henkell Trocken is a classic dry, fully matured, elegant sparkling wine with distinctive character and a gentle flowery, vinous bouquet.

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Only the finest quality wines from the best wine-growing regions of France are used for the production of Henkell Rosé. Its delicate colour and fruity-fresh taste have won wine-lovers’ hearts. And with its elegantly dry character, the Rosé has remained loyal to the rest of its family tree.


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