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salamatina warBrand history and heritage

Created in 1888 by the prescient Greek entrepreneur Spiros Metaxa. On the label of each product with brand name Metaxa present a coin, depicting a warier from Salamina. It is a replica of the coin, found during the building the first distillery in Piraeus. It is used and in present days, to emphasize the authenticity and heritage of the product.

During 1893 start to be export in countries as Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Central Europa, Arabian world, Iran

In 1897 create a distillery in Odessa

The factory, in which Metaxa manufactures and today is build during 1968 in Kifisia, Athena.

Metaxa is a drink flown in the Space in 1985

In 2008, 120 anniversary of the brand creating and its international success was celebrated. On this occasion, a limited lot of METAXA AEN in 1888 crystal bottles, in which is collected the liquid of the first Spiros Metaxa barrel, was created.

METAXA is a drink with no analog and that can not be replaced by and other.


It is not a cognac (it is not manufacturing in France, Cognac region), it is god's ambrosia, composed from the most rare and fine grape distillates, planted only on some islands in Greece.


The products of Metaxa are created trough unique combination of matured in oak barrels wine distillates, muscat wines and special mixture of Mediterranean plants and rose bloom.

  • Greek source of sun energy
  • METAXA is Greece leading export drink
  • METAXA sales more than 15 millions bottles per year
  • METAXA close 2000 hours sun light in every single bottle
  • 1000 METAXA drinks are served each minute all over the world
  • The most preferred and favourite mix is with METAXA SUNTONIC (SUNTONIC is registered name)

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  • Metaxa 5*
  • Honey Shot
  • Metaxa 7*
  • Metaxa 12*
  • Metaxa AEN
  • Метакса Grand Fine


The flagship of the METAXA family, 5* embodies the warmth and tradition of the Greek lifestyle. Its distinctive bottle, inspired by ancient Greek architecture, encases a blend that includes wine distillates matured in oak casks for 5 years, aged Muscat wines from the Aegean islands of Samos and Limnos and the trademark secret mix of Mediterranean botanicals and rose petals. Dark honey in colour, METAXA 5* presents mellow aromas of sun-dried raisins and sweet oak followed by rich fruit flavours



METAXA HONEY SHOT LogoMETAXA HONEY SHOT is a new expression of the smoothness of METAXA 5 Stars, combined with the aromatic intensity of Greek Honey from the mountains of Peloponnese

Where does the honey come from?

Collected in the Northern Peloponnese, in the area of Egio, at an altitude of 800 meters, and made from the flowers of fir, chestnut, wild apple, hawthorn and wild roses, the honey used in the METAXA Honey Shot is complex, dark and generous, with a slightly smoky edge. The honey has been selected by the Metaxa Master, from the same mountains of Peloponnese, where he sources the May rose petals for his secret bouquet.



The content of real honey in METAXA HONEY SHOT is 0.5%. This “shot” of real honey gives a pleasant nose with a perfect balanced taste between the smoothness of METAXA and honey flavor.


  • Appearance: сlight amber with golden reflections. Close to METAXA 5 Stars while having a noticeable color difference. Clearly in the family of brown spirits.
  • Bouquet : Honeycomb, orange blossom, jasmine, dates, apricot
  • Palate : White raisin, oak, dried fig,  spices
  • Finish : Sweet, with a final touch of spices and orange peel.

The ABV is 30°, ideal for tasting as a chilled shot. METAXA HONEY SHOT is best to enjoyed as a chilled shot. METAXA HONEY SHOT is versatile and it can also be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, in simple mix or in cocktails.


A very sophisticated member of the METAXA family, 7* embodies the refinement and mystique of its native land. Inspired by ancient Greek vases called "amphorae", its finely crafted bottle encases the perfect marriage embracing the finest wine distillates matured in oak casks for 7 years, aged Muscat wines from the Aegean islands of Samos and Limnos and the trademark secret mix of Mediterranean botanicals and rose petals. METAXA 7* offers delicate aromas of Muscat and oak followed by full-bodied, smooth flavours of light vanilla and sweet spices

Metaxa bottle boxnew

Metaxa 12*

Work of a Master

Since 1888, the art of making METAXA is entrusted to the hands of the METAXA Master. He guarantees that every bottle delivers the supreme smoothness and quality for which METAXA is celebrated, the world over. The secret of smoothness METAXA Master for over twenty years, Constantinos Raptis has come to know the secrets of distillates and Muscat wines, like few, if any, others. He also masters the art of selecting flowers and aromatic herbs, extracts of which g o into his creations. METAXA 12 is the fruit of his exceptional talents, rather unique in the world of wines and spirits, and caring devotion.

metaxa tumblerTouch of a Slower Time

Wine distillates have a natural edge over distillates from grain (used for whisky or vodka): they come from grapes, from fruit! Grape, contrary to grain, has juice and aromas to offer. Selecting and ageing wine distillates to their fullest potential is one of the METAXA Master’s cornerstone skills. Fine, aged wine distillates Every year the METAXA Master selects wine distillates that show the finest character and ageing potential, and lays them down to age in the cellars of the House. Wine distillates age patiently in Limousin oak casks, moving as years go by, from smaller to bigger casks, where their character is first revealed, then preserved. The METAXA Master puts aside distillates of affirmed character for up to twelve years, destined for METAXA 12

Fruit of Sun and Nature

METAXA 12 contains Muscat wines exclusively from this exceptional vineyard of Samos. Ideal conditions under the sun of Samos The vineyard of Samos offers rare conditions, ideal for fine aromatic wine:

  • A semi-mountainous land 
  • Full exposure to the sun 
  • A tough schistic soil that requires of roots to go deep into t he rock 
  • A vineyard planted facing north, with Aegean winds keeping the vines comfortably cool, dry and healthy 
  • Older vine stock and lower yields 

This is where the METAXA Master goes to select Muscat wines of unparalleled concentration, to blend with his aged wine distillates in a quest for supreme smoothness, the smoothness of METAXA 12

A Smooth, yet Distinctive, Character

METAXA 12 , Smoothness defined

Tasting notes

  • Appearance: Radiant amber, with bronze
  • reflections at the rim.
  • 1st Bouquet: Lively, concentrated and aromatic.
  • 2nd Bouquet: Dried flowers and fine spicy aromatic herbs take turns in revealing themselves; coffee, butterscotch & chocolate work together with dried prunes and orange peel. 

Palate: Lush and velvety, beautifully balanced, with notes of honeyed fruit (figs and prunes), liquorice; toasted oak character with long, rewarding finish and a touch of spice and orange peel that build in intensity at the finale.

Enjoy METAXA 12 neat or on a single rock, or slightly cooled - preferably from the outside of your glass.


Metaxa AEN

In this world, permanently something creates,
without belonging to a specific age, and after that
permanently changes its position. This gives it to exist
always and forever in the frames of static circle ...


In 2008 METAXA celebrated 120 years of its creation and international success. Due to this exceptional occasion for first time in the long history of METAXA 1888 decanter have been bottled.

METAXA 009535The liquid in them is from the first Metaxa barrel, which saves in the METAXA cellar. AEN METAXA start selling on 13 October in Athena and concur the harts not only of the Metaxa fans, but and to all connoisseurs of high quality luxury alcohol in Europa. Next steps are introduction of the product in USA, Canada Australia and the world market.

The liquid with caramel color in every AEN decanter is from Barrel No 1 only- the oldest of all Metaxa barrels. It is the first barrel closed by the creator of the drink- Spiros Metaxa.

Barrel №1

is the meaning of life for Metaxa, it is epitome of the past and celebration of the future.

The elixir in Barrel No 1 literally and symbolically is the hart of Metaxa. In each drop contains mix of over 200 different blends, aged about 80 years.

What means AEN?

AEN is an old Greek word, which meets for first time in Homier's poems, and later in Empedocles philosophy treatises, where the eternally movement of the nature describes.

Each decanter is hand made from the precious French crystal de Sevres and has its own serial number. The same number is written in the accompanying certificate, signed personally by the chief technologist of the factory. Each cap is unique, because is hand made and covered with 20,6 carat gold.


n 1992, Constantinos Raptis, newly appointed Metaxa Master creates his first edition of METAXA Private Reserve. Once a year, Constantinos keeps skillfully bringing together special blends of aged grape distillates and Muscat wines from Samos, releasing a unique batch of Private Reserve.
This year, marking the 25th anniversary of Private Reserve, The House of METAXA releases a brand new crafted decanter, and celebrates this creation with the Metaxa Master Constantinos Raptis.

Appearance: Dark amber with honey reflections.
1st Bouquet: Dried flowers with notes of oak.
2nd Bouquet: Notes of old honey, bitter citrus peel, hocolate &coffee, mixture of sweet spices, pear compote.
Palate: Complex, warm and generous. Gentle oak, dried figs, raisins, tobacco, orange peel.
Finish: Long aftertaste of dried fruit (figs, plums), smoky, with a long aromatic finish.

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Metaxa Grand FineFB GrandeFine

METAXA Grande Fine is a blend created with aged grape distillates and aromatic Muscat wines from the island of Samos, offering a smooth and refined character. Deep amber in color it reveals a full, round body and palate with aromas of sweet spices, dried fruits and old oak. Taste METAXA Grande Fine preferably neat or with ice.

Appearance: Dark amber. 
Bouquet: Nice oak, sweet spices, dried apricot, dried plum, licorice. 
Palate: Full, spice, old oak, nutmeg, white raisin, honey, cigar, cedar 
ABV: 40%

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