salamatina warBrand history and heritage

Created in 1888 by the prescient Greek entrepreneur Spiros Metaxa. On the label of each product with brand name Metaxa present a coin, depicting a warier from Salamina. It is a replica of the coin, found during the building the first distillery in Piraeus. It is used and in present days, to emphasize the authenticity and heritage of the product.

During 1893 start to be export in countries as Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Central Europa, Arabian world, Iran

In 1897 create a distillery in Odessa

The factory, in which Metaxa manufactures and today is build during 1968 in Kifisia, Athena.

Metaxa is a drink flown in the Space in 1985

In 2008, 120 anniversary of the brand creating and its international success was celebrated. On this occasion, a limited lot of METAXA AEN in 1888 crystal bottles, in which is collected the liquid of the first Spiros Metaxa barrel, was created.

METAXA is a drink with no analog and that can not be replaced by and other.


It is not a cognac (it is not manufacturing in France, Cognac region), it is god's ambrosia, composed from the most rare and fine grape distillates, planted only on some islands in Greece.


The products of Metaxa are created trough unique combination of matured in oak barrels wine distillates, muscat wines and special mixture of Mediterranean plants and rose bloom.

  • Greek source of sun energy
  • METAXA is Greece leading export drink
  • METAXA sales more than 15 millions bottles per year
  • METAXA close 2000 hours sun light in every single bottle
  • 1000 METAXA drinks are served each minute all over the world
  • The most preferred and favourite mix is with METAXA SUNTONIC (SUNTONIC is registered name)

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