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The Ouzo

plomari1bootle 1Ouzo is an evolved descendant of distilled marcs and other blended saccharin raw materials. It is classified in the general category of anis, which are the alcohol drinks with the aroma of aniseed. Such an aroma is given by aniseed, asteroid anis, fennel. The basic difference between Ouzo and other drinks with the aniseed aroma is the traditional distillation process.  The production of Ouzo takes place traditionally and exclusively in Greece (officially certified in 1989). Ouzo is considered the national drink of Greece.

The history of Ouzo goes back centuries. Some even claim that it's roots are found in ancient times. Others claim that Ouzo was created at a more recent period. In any case, its particular name, seems to have originated in the middle of plomari2bootle 1 the ХІХth century from the alteration of the word „OUZO” (“for use”), which means „FOR USE”.

Most probably this appellation stem from the Italian term 'uso Di Massalia' that means „for use in Marseilles„ due to the fact that the first export market for the drink becomes Marseilles - main stop in the silk path for that time. We know for sure that the ouzo manufacturing expands and increases barely during ХIХв. and It is connected mainly with Lesvos island..

The exceptional qualities of the Lizvori island anise, the unique mastic reisin from Chios island, other special herbals from Lesvos island in addition to the meticulous knowledge of the Lesvos masters for the art of distillation, gift the drink with unique qualities. Not coincidentally, the island start to be perceived as a birth place of the OUZO drink. Especially, this applies to the town of Plomari, where the distilleries of more than 200 types ouzo are located.