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Vodka Russian Size

RUSSIAN SIZE ® vodka is the only one brand in Russia which has 18 years history of sales. For a long time, it held an absolutely leading position among mainstream segment of vodka in Russia. RUSSIAN SIZE ® trade mark has received numerous awards and prizes for its high and constant quality and entered the top 50 on the Forbes list of the results of 2006 and 2007.

Water used for the RUSSIAN SIZE ® vodka is absolutely unique, clean and soft with a stable mineral composition becomes the ideal basis for high-quality RUSSIAN SIZE ® vodka. In production of the vodka we use high quality alcohol only.

The unique recipe of RUSSIAN SIZE ® vodka lays in the addition of extracts from fresh cucumbers, which gives a special softness and delicate taste. The technology and personal control of the ingredients provides our vodka recognizable original taste with fresh nuances.

ABV: 40%