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Wurzelpeter is an assertive bitter hailing from Germany, originally developed by Berlin-based pharmacist Paul Pöschke in 1875 as strengthening potion including secret ingredients, mostly picked from the German forest.

Since 1949 WurzelPeter was bottled by the VEB Bärensiegel Berlin in the former GDR which became Berliner Bärensiegel GmbH after the Berlin Wall came down and was acquired by Franz Wilhelm Langguth Erben in 1990, a winery with its headquarters in Traben-Trarbach, a municipality in the district Bernkastel-Wittlich. Hence, Berliner Bärensiegel GmbH continued to produce and bottle the herbal liqueur in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

WURZELPETER is back in its original recipe with a new vintage-inspired design.

The premium herbal liqueur WURZELPETER has returned to its rich botanical and cultural heritage. Made with signature root extracts, cardamom, bitter orange, and now with 40% alcohol, the new original WURZELPETER is better than ever. Discover an intricate botanical blend, tangy citrus, and a spicy finish. For a fully unique taste experience and the quintessential flexi-drink: enjoy it on the rocks, ice cold, or in your favorite mixer.



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